• Who are enthusiastic about learning Korean but unsure of where to begin.
  • Who want to enhance their Korean pronunciation.
  • Who are prepared to establish a strong foundation in learning the Korean language.
  • Who are eager to develop effective learning habits and strategies for long-term language acquisition.
  • Who are in need of enthusiastic study mates to stay motivated.
    A: Our classes cater to a diverse audience, offering courses not only for beginners but also tailored for intermediate learners, spanning levels 1 through 6. We provide a complimentary level test, accessible through the link below, to help you identify your proficiency level.

Level Test Link: [Link Here] (Provide the actual link where users can access the level test)

A: The class fee includes PDF books, live online lessons, individual support, lesson recordings, interactive homework, quizzes, access to a Classroom Padlet, a community of learners, and exclusive resources.

A: Our classes are conducted through live group sessions on Zoom, with a weekly schedule of 2-3 hours. The class capacity is between 5 and 12 students.

A: You can enroll in the classes through our website. You can pay through PayPal, credit card, or by bank transfer if you’re in Korea.

Teacher Inae is accommodating and takes a friendly and patient approach to teaching to make sure every student is learning. Expanding my knowledge about the Korean language and culture with her is the most fun method of learning I’ve found.

Alex B


Like A Korean class is an outstanding experience. Our teacher, Kim Inae, is kind, patient and always encouraging. I am amazed at how much we have improved in just 8 weeks. For me, the format of meeting three times each week with homework and feedback between sessions is very effective



I appreciated having the conversation course to focus more on building my conversation skills. I appreciated the instructor being flexible and continuing to engage me in the course instruction with enthusiasm while providing greater personal feedback!



I appreciate the range of teaching methods (reading, writing and audible) with weekly quizzes and textbook worthy printouts. The curriculum is methodical and beginner friendly. I highly recommend your teaching style and lessons. You create a safe and friendly environment for everyone to learn, which is truly appreciated.

Emily Miller