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This book is designed to help beginners understand the Korean alphabet, Hangul, from the scratch. It is suitable for those who want to learn Hangul or study it along with materials for accurate pronunciation to make the learning process easier.




Are you gearing up for a trip to Korea? Eager to watch Korean dramas without subtitles? Interested in taking on a new language challenge? Wondering how to kickstart your Korean learning journey? Look no further – this book has the answers.

Many people inquire about the best way to begin their Korean language journey, and the wisest starting point is mastering Hangul, the Korean alphabet. Whether you’re preparing for a journey to Korea, aiming to enjoy Korean dramas without subtitles, or simply eager to dive into a new language, this book is your go-to guide.


📘 Dive into Korean Mastery: Your Ticket to Language Excellence!

Hey there! Get ready for a language adventure like no other with our awesome new book – your ultimate companion on the exciting road to Korean fluency.


🚀 Game-Changing Learning Experience:

Join us on a journey where learning takes a revolutionary turn. Our guide, seamlessly organized, transforms the way you learn, making it a joy for learners at every stage.


🌟 Effortless Learning, Maximum Impact:

Step into a new era of language acquisition as we unveil the Korean alphabet in the smartest sequence. Each turn of the page effortlessly propels you forward, making this book more than just a guide – it’s a complete language immersion. Brace yourself for an all-encompassing adventure beyond reading and writing, incorporating valuable listening practices.


💡 A Wealth of Treasures:

Explore a bounty of knowledge, practical exercises, and profound insights thoughtfully packed within these pages. Whether you’re just starting your language journey or refining your skills, our book is designed just for you.


📝 Writing Practice and Pronunciation Perfection:

Enhance your skills through writing exercises and perfect your pronunciation with MP3s for each character. Immerse yourself in the world of Korean basic expressions.


📚 Versatile Learning Formats:

Access the book in PDF format for convenient printing or use it on your tablet for interactive writing practice. It’s also mobile-friendly, allowing you to learn on the go!


🎓 Your Language-Learning Buddy:

Thanks for trusting us with your language goals. We’re super excited to be on this educational journey with you, uncovering the intricacies and beauty of the Korean language together. Let’s turn your dreams into accomplishments and make Korean fluency a reality!



Ready to level up your language journey? Grab your copy now and embark on this once-in-a-lifetime adventure!



Can I Understand Korean Dramas after Reading This Book?

Achieving 100% comprehension of spoken Korean is a long-term goal and may not be accomplished solely through reading one book. However, if you’ve decided to begin on the journey of learning Korean, this book is an excellent starting point. Mastering Hangul is a fundamental step in Korean language learning, and this book has been expertly constructed by Korean language educators with years of experience to make mastering Hangul easy and comfortable. While it may not guarantee immediate comprehension of all aspects of Korean dramas, it lays a strong foundation for your Korean language learning journey.


Can I Truly Master Hangul with This Book?

This book, which serves as the main textbook for LAK (Like A Korean) classes, has been studied by over 100 students. There are differences in speed depending on the person, all students who have studied with this book successfully mastered Hangul, demonstrating proficiency in reading, writing, and pronunciation without difficulty. In evaluations of the course, every student who participated gave it a perfect 5-star rating. With confidence, I recommend this book, which has been validated by numerous individuals, as an effective resource for mastering Hangul.


What If I Encounter Download Issues or Technical Problems After Purchasing the Book?

If you encounter any technical issues or errors while downloading the file after purchasing the book, rest assured that we are here to assist you. Feel free to reach out to us via email, and we will respond within 24 hours to provide the necessary support. The PDF copy is yours to keep for a lifetime, and you can always redownload it through our website whenever needed. Your satisfaction is our priority, and we are committed to ensuring a smooth and enjoyable experience with our materials.


Has the Expertise of This Book Been Validated?

The author of this book, Teacher Kim In-ae, has over 12 years of experience in the field of Korean language education. With extensive experience in Korean language instruction, she is also the author of the ‘King Sejong institution’ book titled ‘Practical Korean for Tourism Professionals,’ a publication endorsed by a Korean government-affiliated institution. Additionally, she has been recognized with commendations in the field of Korean language education by the Ministry of Culture, Sports, and Tourism. Teacher Kim In-ae is not only an accomplished educator but also an Instagram influencer with over 200,000 followers. Experience the high points of all her expertise condensed into this book by getting your copy now.

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  1. John Smith (verified owner)

    I think this book is affordable and helpful! It has a great UI especially for learners who are just starting to learn Hangul, and it aids my learning with a nice voice. Some people say Hangul is easy, but sometimes I find learning Hangul difficult. However, this book helps me with precise pronunciation and good explanations instead of vague Hangul learning! I highly recommend this book!

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